Portumna Marine Ltd.
Portumna Marine Ltd.
Connaught Harbour, Portumna, Co Galway, Ireland
Contact:Leslie Shaw
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Portumna Marine is on the banks of the River Shannon in Co. Galway, where we provide a wide range of marine products and services for all your boating needs.

With our vast industry experience, we pride ourselves on our extensive backup boat services, our new boat and engine offerings, our extensive boat storage facility, and stocking an array of high-quality marine products, all of which help to make sure you get the most out of your boat when you have the chance to enjoy it.

Each job is treated with the same professionalism and attention to detail, no matter how big or small.

We recently branched out and launched our sister shop Boatspares.ie. For your convenience, Boatspares.ie is an online store showcasing our wide range of marine parts, products, and accessories.
We look forward to meeting you and having a chat.

Leslie and Dave

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Sealine F37 2001 2001 11.74m €130,000Ireland
Pioner 14 Fisher New 2022 14' Ireland
Haines 340 AC 2000 2000 10.21m €1,234Ireland
YAMAHA F300NCB OUTBOARD     €32,065Ireland
YAMAHA F250NSB OUTBOARD     €28,205Ireland
YAMAHA F300NSB OUTBOARD     €34,920Ireland
YAMAHA F250NCB OUTBOARD     €21,760Ireland
YAMAHA F225NCB OUTBOARD     €28,205Ireland
YAMAHA F150XCA2 OUTBOARD     €20,000Ireland
YAMAHA LF150XCA OUTBOARD     €19,650Ireland
YAMAHA F150LCA/XCA OUTBOARD     €19,380Ireland
YAMAHA LF115XB OUTBOARD     €15,120Ireland
YAMAHA F100LB/XB OUTBOARD     €13,500Ireland
YAMAHA F80LB OUTBOARD     €12,580Ireland
YAMAHA F200LB/XB OUTBOARD     €21,760Ireland
YAMAHA F70AETL OUTBOARD     €11,650Ireland
YAMAHA F115LB/XB OUTBOARD     €14,750Ireland
YAMAHA F150LB/XB OUTBOARD     €18,230Ireland
YAMAHA F60FETL OUTBOARD     €9,550Ireland
YAMAHA F130LA/XA OUTBOARD     €16,500Ireland
YAMAHA F50HETL OUTBOARD     €8,190Ireland
Neptunus 107 1981 10.7m €1,234Ireland
PLASTIMO RIB YACHT TENDER 2.7M 2023 2.7m €1,700Ireland
PLASTIMO RIB YACHT TENDER 2.4M 2023 2.4m €1,600Ireland
PLASTIMO FUN INFLATABLE TENDER 2.3M 2023 2.32m €1,250Ireland
PLASTIMO FUN INFLATABLE TENDER 2.7M 2023 2.67m €1,250Ireland
PLASTIMO FUN INFLATABLE TENDER 3.2M 2023 3.21m €1,450Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F20 GWHS/L     €4,285Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F25 GWHS/L     €4,900Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F30 BEHDL     €6,510Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F25 GES/L     €5,105Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F15 CEPS/L     €4,180Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F20 GEPS/L     €4,810Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F25 GMHS/L     €4,610Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F20 GMHS/L     €3,910Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F15 CMHS/L     €3,260Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F25 GETS/L     €5,770Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F30 BETS/L     €6,350Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F40 FEHDS/L     €7,195Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F15 CEHPS/L     €4,050Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F20 GES/L     €4,525Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F15 CES/L     €3,870Ireland
Yamaha Outboard F40 FETS/L     €7,265Ireland
Yamaha F9.9 JES/L     €3,500Ireland
Yamaha F9.9 JMH     €2,970Ireland
Yamaha F8 FEL     €3,700Ireland
Yamaha F8 FMHS/L     €2,700Ireland
Yamaha F6 DMS/L     €2,500Ireland
Yamaha F6 CMHS/L     €1,640Ireland
Yamaha F6 DMHS/L     €2,480Ireland
Yamaha F4 BMHS/L     €1,390Ireland
Yamaha F5 AMHS/L/L+     €1,525Ireland
Yamaha F2.5 BMHS/L     €920Ireland
Honda Outboard 60HP     €9,600Ireland
Honda Outboard 50HP     €8,700Ireland
Honda Outboard 30HP     €6,870Ireland
Honda Outboard 20HP     €3,980Ireland
Honda Outboard 15HP     €3,500Ireland
Honda Outboard 10HP     €3,250Ireland
Honda Outboards 4HP, 5HP & 6HP 2023   €1,234Ireland
Honda Outboard 115HP     €15,350Ireland
Honda Outboard 150HP     €19,200Ireland
Talamex Superlight Series 2022 2.50m Ireland
Talamex Heavy Duty HDX Aluminium Floor 2022 4.50m Ireland
Talamex Silverline Aluminium RIB 2022 3.50m Ireland
Talamex S-Line Aluminium RIB 2022 3.80m Ireland
Talamex Greenline Series 2022 3m Ireland
Talamex Comfortline Series 2022 3.50m Ireland
Talamex Aqualine Series 2022 3.50m Ireland
Talamex Highline Series 2022 3.50m Ireland
Pioner 320 Steady 2022 3.10m Ireland
Pioner 260 Steady 2022 2.54m Ireland
Pioner 400 Steady 2022 4m Ireland
Pioner Trio 2022 3.75m Ireland
Pioner Multi Pro III 2022 5.30m Ireland
Pioner 14 Fisher 2022 4.11m Ireland
Pioner Multi III 2022 5.30m Ireland
Pioner 17 Flexi 2022 5.20m Ireland
Pioner 16 Explorer 2022 5.7m Ireland
Pioner 15 Allround 2022 4.70m Ireland
Pioner 14 Active Pro 2022 4.11m Ireland
Pioner 14 Active 2022 4.11m Ireland
Pioner 13 2022 3.93m Ireland
Pioner 12 Maxi 2022 3.81m Ireland
Pioner 10 Classic 2023 3.23m Ireland
Pioner 8 Mini 2022 2.42m Ireland
Broom 42 2006 single engine 2006 42' €1,234Ireland

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